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  • 1. Attendance

    A well-committed character knows the importance of regular attendance for the development of a leader’s behavior.

    a) General Requirements:

    -Khaled bin al-Walid / al Horj College’s goal is to provide distinguished education to all students.

    The students need to benefit from the educational chances offered to them; the students and their parents shoulder the responsibility of attending school hours and daily schedule.

    -Students must abide by the school hours and daily schedule.

    - Physical Education skills are the bases for the physical and intellectual development of a leader’s character. Therefore, students should abide by the rules of the P.E. teachers.

    - Students are not exempted from P.E. classes, unless they present a report from a medical doctor stating the reasons for the exemption.

  • اعلان هام

    اعلان هام

    نظراً لظروف اغلاق المدارس وتسهيلاً للعمل الرجاء من اولياء الامور الكرام تعبئة استمارة التسجيل للعام القادم وارسال الاستمارة على ايميل
    وحفظ الاستمارة باسم الطالبة والصف
       رجاء الضغط ونحميل الاستمارة للتعبئةنسخة ورد

    PDF يوجد خيارين لتعبئة الاستمارة اما ورد وارساله على ايميل او

    متمنين للجميع الصحة والعافية