Moral values are at the essence of  Dawhat Al Jazeera School's ethical education. on leaving school, all students will have developed a keen sense of personal and civic responsibility. We, as a school, are committed to conduct ourselves in a manner consistent with the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and fairness in all our activities. As a reputable institution, we believe that all staff members should model and promote the following Core Values:


o   Create a community based on Respect

o   Provide equitable opportunities to fulfill individual potential

o   Pursue Excellence in all that we do

o   Encourage Responsibility in action, and in Service

o   Demonstrate Competitive mindedness for personal and national advancement


We believe that in providing a safe environment to learn through mistakes, make educated choices, provide opportunities for teamwork as well as leadership opportunities we are empowering our students to be humble leaders of tomorrow. 


 We challenge our students and ourselves to meet the highest expectations of our community. Our accomplishments are just milestones on our road to look for more challenges in our professional journey which endeavors to exceed all expectations. 


We believe working together results in a stronger organization and community because, in partnership, we can deliver transformation education. Each person discovers that one of life's greatest satisfactions comes from giving to others, and recognizes that talents should be shared through service.


We encourage creativity and practices that foster adaptability. We seek continuous growth and improvement by sometimes challenging existing practices.


We are loyal and patriotic citizens and are prepared to place the interest of the country above all other interest. We voluntarily support the country and achieve personal goals to promote the its development and growth. We support the national 2030 vision by taking part in environment friendly projects that ensure sustainable development in the country.


At the core of accountability is reliability and personal responsibility. We value the ability of our staff and organization to honor our commitments to clients and to each other. We each have a sense of duty to willingly fulfill accepted or assigned tasks. Help is readily awarded by all members who also accept accountability.