Rationale: Dawhat Al Jazeera provides quality national and international educational services regardless of social, economic and cultural backgrounds.

Policy:  Admission to school is granted to candidates who exhibit respect for the philosophy and vision of the school and fulfil the entrance and registration requirements.

Admission Procedure :

·        Complete an application form

·        Submit original report card/s from the previous school

·        Student attends a personal interview with the principal/ or an appointment is scheduled

·        If interview is successful an entrance exam date is scheduled and a processing fee is required

·        Upon successful completion of the application process, parent/s are obliged to submit all the required documents.

Document Required

·        An Application Form

·        Birth certificate (copy matched against original)

·        An up to date Passport (copy matched against original)

·        Student ID (copy matched against original)

·        Immunization record.

·        A signed form for the student's first /middle/family name in English in the absence of a passport document.

·        A signed off school activity permission slip.

·        Sign the Code of Conduct Agreement form (for Intermediate School Students)

·        Passport size photograph not older than 3 months at the date of application Registration fee, full school fee or first term installment, text books package fee.

·        Parents are welcome to share their situation with the Principal. Families will be considered on an individual basis to decide the best way to meet their child’s needs.