Message from the Principal

     In describing the community of  Dawhat Al Jazeera International School ,the words that jump to mind most are : “stretching boundaries”. The qualified body of professional staff  is energetic and focused on the use of best practices to seek and develop opportunities to foster a self-motivated learning community. These opportunities are not confined within the premises of the school but extent to all aspects of students’ life and provide well-rounded educated, caring, leaders. A community able to weigh out the risks and make educated choices.

Indeed, our students are confident, and engaged in their learning and community. They are up for challenges and enjoy taking on the responsibility of making a contribution to society.

This motivation by both staff and students has produced an energy that feeds the school’ momentum. The school’s involvement in internal, national, and international events is a main characteristic of the school community of being proud of its Saudi culture and heritage yet appreciating the spirit and variety internationalism provides.

It is indeed a reflection of its vision of providing a Distinguished education for a competitive generation for whom nothing is impossible.

Ula Al Amawi

Principal Dawhat Al Jazeera International Track.