Rules and Regulation



· Attendance is registered at the beginning of the first class each morning at 7:30 a.m. by the class teacher and the floor supervisor, and entered into the system.

· Parent/s must call the office by 8:00 a.m. to inform the school of the reason for a student’s absence or tardiness.

· Parent/s or guardian must send a note to the office when the student returns explaining the student’s absence.

· Absent student is usually supported by teacher to make up for the subject material they have missed.

· Late arriving student(s) will sign in the tardiness register book.

· Parent or guardian’s note is filed by the school office for future reference.

· For the safety and security of students and where the school has not been previously advised, absent student’s parent or guardian will be contacted by the school to ascertain the reason for absence or late arrival.

· A doctor’s note is required for a prolonged absence from school or Physical Education sessions due to illness, and for absence during assessment times.

· In cases of illness with a medical report, unforeseen documented emergency or death in a family, a parent of a student who will be absent for an extended period of time (more than ten days in a term) must make prior arrangement with the administration in order to accommodate the student in completing assignments, quizzes, tests and exams in order to receive a grade or credit.

· Quizzes and tests shall not be rescheduled without a hospital report.

· American Diploma students in grades 9 - 12 will not receive a grade/credit if unexcused absence extends to ten or more days per term.

· American Diploma students grades 9 - 12 will not receive a grade/credit if ten or more early dismissals occurred for that class subject.

· Absence and tardiness are recorded on the student’s report card; the

number recorded is cumulative throughout the academic year.

Excused Absences or early dismissals means an absence or dismissal for:

· Illness

· Family emergency

· Death in the family

· Medical appointment

· Other reasons deemed as excused absence or early dismissal by the principal



Student will:

· remove all books, writing instruments and paper from their desks and the floor.

· Kindergarten children are encouraged to tidy up their learning games or toys after they are finished.


Policy: All students must be encouraged to abide to classroom rules at all times.


Students will:

· show respect when an adult enters the room

· have everything they need for each and every class.

· ask for permission if they wish to leave their seat for any reason.

· raise their hand to ask and/or answer questions.

· be allowed permission to go to the bathroom during classes.

· not disturb the instruction time or their class mates in any way.

· not eat in the classroom at all times.

· be given permission to eat in the classroom during recess time only if a physical

disability does not allow her/them to climb the stairs to the Cafeteria.


Procedure: The Principal may intervene to address an inappropriate student’s

behavior by:

· orally reminding the student about inappropriate behavior and the school’s expectation.

· assigning a written work with a learning component (written reflection) for the student to

complete, this is required to be signed by a parent/guardian.

· prescribing the student who is at least 10 years old with an in-house community service.

· contacting and meeting the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) together with the student.

· withdrawing privileges.

· suspending a student from school for a specific time. As last resort.

{All in compliance with student code of conduct which follows Ministry’s

guidelines for attendance and conduct}


The Principal or her delegate will:

· communicate the school’s non-violent policy to students, parents and school staff.

· provide a mechanism for safe reporting of any incident

· assess any reported incident and implement prevention strategies as in compliance

with code of conduct agreement.

· repeated offence/s, the student’s parents is contacted for a meeting to discuss the

issue and consequence/s.

· remove privileges, dismiss from class, suspend or expel a student from the school

for non-compliance with the school rules and code of conduct which may occur at

any time during the school year.

· retain the reported file of the incident for one year if the incident does not result in

suspension and for three years if suspension was the decision.

· ask parents of the student to repair or pay the cost of damaged item/s.

{All in compliance with student code of conduct which follows Ministry’s

guidelines for attendance and conduct}