At Dawhat Al Jazeera We recognize the assessment of learning as a valuable

tool to the evaluation of the instruction and learning process. Learning

outcomes, which include knowledge, understanding, cognitive, personal and

academic skills are explicitly stated for each unit of work, assignment, and

assessment and these form the centers around which the whole course is viewed.


Academic year is divided into 4 quarters. Students are assessed by the end of

each quarter in the form of summative assessments. Each quarter is marked out

of 50 marks with an average of 50 each term (two quarters), which is then

presented in a percentage in the report card. Portions are provided each

quarter, which include: amount studies plus 10% of the previous quarter to

ensure continuity of subject matter especially with the 1st and 3rd quarters.

The student has to attain a passing grade of 60% per subject in all subjects.

Throughout the curriculum and instructional process assessment strives to use

60% formative assessment & 40% summative assessment.


v MAP testing

To know the level of our students along with classroom performance and

other test scores we also consider the MAP test results. Measure of

Academic Progress (MAP) tests are computerized adaptive tests that help

improve learning for all and make decisions to promote academic growth.