At Elementary Level Dawhat Al Jazeera focuses on establishing confidence and independence using the English language in all subjects. The American common core standards are adhered to using Savaas Realize books which are rich, activity-based, and digitally supported.

Independent reading is a major achievement in the early years which lays the foundation of all subsequent learning. Students are formatively assessed, and, by the time they reach third grade are presenting work with proficiency. Indeed, grade three is the year that they are introduced to Mawhiba programs and are guided through the admissions procedure. By the time students are in fourth grade they are confidently taking provisional TIMMS and PIRLS standardized tests.

To achieve an all-rounded education Dawhat Al Jazeera places just as much emphasis on refining the students’ own language and cultivating a sense of pride in the Arabic language, Islamic values and Saudi culture.

To safeguard wellbeing and happiness, students are supported by a number of programs and activities such as the MIND BE program. They are encouraged to celebrate national events such as the National Day, as well as the International Children’s Day, Sports Day, Spelling Bee, Math Contest, and Science Fair.