High School Level

At the High School Level, students are noticed to become self-motivated. They articulate their needs and run clubs under staff supervision. Elective courses are centred around 21st century soft skill, and career preparation. By grades 9 and 10 students start to take interest and prepare themselves to participate in out- of- school programs and do well in them. Programs such as Model United Nations are popular, with a good Mawhiba base, they are easily admitted into Mawhiba and MISK scholarship programs. Moreover, standardized GAT, SAAT and Advanced Placement training programs start in the last two years; and Dawhat Al Jazeera students have a good track record in university admission in the field they desire.

All in all, the atmosphere in Dawhat Al Jazeera encourages success and achievement with a qualified, caring and dedicated staff that work on upholding the vision of Dawhat Al Jazeera, of a “Distinguished Education for a Competitive Generation for whom Nothing is Impossible”