Distinguished Education for a Competitive Generation for whom Nothing is Impossible

Providing a high-quality global education that nurtures the learners holistically in a safe and friendly environment that addresses their intellectual and emotional needs.

57+years of success
85%advanced degree faculty
20+school activities (+music)
Nothing Is Impossible Is Our Motto

With 57 years of experience, Dawhat Al Jazeera International Schools (DAJIS) has evolved remarkably into a progressive institution while preserving a strong quality education that meets international standards. The result is a wonderful combination of enthusiastic, successful, self-motivated learners who are empowered to shape the future.

Empowering Families

We believe the best education occurs when teachers, students, and parents engaged in a healthy partnership. At DAJIS, we guide and support parents so they can confidently drive their child’s education.

Engaging Students

Our positive learning environment encourages our students to put forth their personal best each and every day. Students are engaged by practicing higher-level critical thinking skills.

Caring Teachers

Our caring teachers ensure the children reach their full potential. With highly qualified teachers, DAJIS is committed to providing the best learning practices for best learning outcomes.

We understand you

Concerned How You Best Support Your Child’s Education

  • SUFFERING with your child during Distance Learning
  • ANXIOUS whether teachers would understand your child’s needs
  • FRUSTRATED about getting less while paying more
  • AFRAID of investing in your child’s future in the wrong place

It does not need to be that way anymore, Let us help.

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we are special

Your Child Deserves A School Where They Can Learn, Grow, & Thrive

In striving to provide the best service for our students, we ensure continuously being accredited for global recognition for international head start.

  • North Central Association Commission (NCA) in 2007
  • Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation (CITA) in 2008
  • AdvancED Accreditation Commission in 2013
  • Cognia ™ Accreditation Commission in 2019

Global Citizens

DAJIS is accredited by the Collage Board as a testing center for Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and Advanced Placement Test (AP).

  • Prepare our students for International/ National Standardized tests
  • Implement progressive programs & International awareness programs
  • Conduct Yearly Science Fair
  • Provide personalized education that aims to customize learning for students’ needs, strength, skills, and interests.

Expressive Arts

We chose “Let’s Read & Write Music” series. The primary goal of this “Music Curriculum” is to produce universal literacy.

  • Music
  • Art and Design
  • Drama
  • After School Activities
  • Extra-Curricular Activities


We’re the 1st International school in Jeddah to be accredited by Ministry of Education to have special classes for Mawhiba “gifted students”. We’re committed to provide a comprehensive care for our students to meet their needs in various fields through:

  1. High quality educational environment.
  2. Special discount on tuition fees for talented students.
  3. Various enrichment programs & activities focusing on various aspects to refine students’ personality (Kangaroo & Ibda’a).

Digital Transformation

Be instantly informed about your child activities in school through EdSpires Mobile Application.

  • Microsoft Showcase School
  • Coding / Robotics
  • Digital Curriculum and Online Resources
  • Maky Maky Program
  • Cyber Security

togetherWe will ensure your child becomes the person you envision them to be

Our experienced teachers understand that to be responsible for your child, we have to: 1) Nurture their emotional needs and develop personality. 2) Inspire and set them on the road to success. 3) Prepare them to be part of a tech-savvy generation.

A couple of testimonials

What they said about us

“Something that inspires me every day is being able to expand my knowledge. DAJIS is different from other schools because we get to learn a lot more about things that are school related and things that are not relevant to school."

- Fatima, Student

"DAJIS is a community that has taught me valuable academic and life skills that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. The bonds I’ve created not only with classmates but also my teachers have made me truly appreciate my education and inspire me to learn. "

- Noura, Student

"DAJIS taught me that learning isn't sitting in a classroom nor it is confined within its wall. "It's having breakfast with my friend Fatima and lunch with Mrs. Leila. If you don't live it, you don't learn it."

- Karima, Student

“DAJIS has played a huge role in our lives and was instrumental in us deciding to move to Jeddah and us being so happy here. Not only were our daughters very happy in DAJIS from day one - instantly welcomed and quickly well integrated faster than we expected- but as a family, we always felt part of a warm and caring DAJIS community."

- Noura Zahid, Parent

"We never suffered during the Pandemic because we were well prepared with DAJIS Education technology integration plans. We were truly impressed by the smart and balanced DAJIS Distance Learning platform and its mobile application. The teachers were very supportive and made the transition looked easy, really cool!"

- Salma AlShamrani, Parent

"I can assure to you that DAJIS is a truly international school with Saudi roots culture - manners, diversity and open-mindedness can be felt in every hallway, in every classroom. I also like the fact that children learn ag a very early age to work together and help each other, and that the latest technology is sensibly integrated."

- Hanadi Bajamil, Parent

"I hear really great stories from our kids about how they experience Distance Learning. Really big thumbs up for how you and your team are handing this and making parent experience unforgettable. The teachers are amazing. I think we are very fortunate to have our kids at DAJIS!"

- Maha AlKaff, Parent

years of success




advanced degree faculty


school activities (+music)


students receive financial aid


Student : Teacher


Percentage of Mawhiba students


Percentage of over B Graduates (2021)



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What we do

DAJIS in a nutshell

Success comes from the combined efforts of the child, teacher, and parents. At DAJIS we build a strong, supported network that equips teachers, engages students, and empowers families. Our caring and well-equipped teachers are always there for you & your child because we believe students are best able to succeed when they are cared for and feel like they belong.

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