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Dawhat Aljazeera International school, established 1966, offers high quality education for preschool students. Everything we do is aimed at nurturing each child’s social, emotional and educational needs. Our ultimate goal is not only to prepare your child for kindergarten, but also to inspire a lifelong learning journey and maintain our students’ Arabic & Islamic identity. Well-educated and trained teachers ensure that your child will be in the best hands possible. Our staff benefit from ongoing professional development, support for additional degree attainment and classroom coaching. Moreover, our curriculum is aligned with a new American program “MindBE” which was designed by Dr. Helen Maffini. The “MindBE” curriculum is a research based program designed to reduce stress in both teachers and students, create calmer, more focused classrooms, develop self-regulation skills and allow children to become kinder, more empathetic and caring. We at Dawhat Aljazeera International school believe in investing in our young generation by providing them with the latest advanced tools in education to meet the vision of 2030. Our vision is to raise a generation in which nothing is impossible. Head of Department Mrs. Zeina Chaaban



At Elementary Level Dawhat Al Jazeera focuses on establishing confidence and independence using the English language in all subjects. The American common core standards are adhered to using Savaas Realize books which are rich, activity-based, and digitally supported. Independent reading is a major achievement in the early years which lays the foundation of all subsequent learning. Students are formatively assessed, and, by the time they reach third grade are presenting work with proficiency. Indeed, grade three is the year that they are introduced to Mawhiba programs and are guided through the admissions procedure. By the time students are in fourth grade they are confidently taking provisional TIMMS and PIRLS standardized tests. To achieve an all-rounded education Dawhat Al Jazeera places just as much emphasis on refining the students’ own language and cultivating a sense of pride in the Arabic language, Islamic values and Saudi culture. To safeguard wellbeing and happiness, students are supported by a number of programs and activities such as the MIND BE program. They are encouraged to celebrate national events such as the National Day, as well as the International Children’s Day, Sports Day, Spelling Bee, Math Contest, and Science Fair. Head of Department Dr.Hanan Al Qadi



At the Intermediate Level, the school emphasizes on building self-learning skills. Students are encouraged to continue perusing Mawhiba programs and participating with projects and research papers. In addition, written and expressive skills are fortified. Students innovatively and creatively take part in National and International day, and enjoy competitions such as debating, and Math Café. Students’ curricula incorporate standardized tests such as TIMMS, PIRLS and PISA and Nafes which students are encouraged to voluntarily sit. Dawhat AlJazeera School not only focuses on Curricular activities but also on mental and physical well-being of students; it encourages collaboration and team building and sport activities become more team centered. Head of Department Ula Al Amawi


High School Level

At the High School Level, students are noticed to become self-motivated. They articulate their needs and run clubs under staff supervision. Elective courses are centred around 21st century soft skill, and career preparation. By grades 9 and 10 students start to take interest and prepare themselves to participate in out- of- school programs and do well in them. Programs such as Model United Nations are popular, with a good Mawhiba base, they are easily admitted into Mawhiba and MISK scholarship programs. Moreover, standardized GAT, SAAT and Advanced Placement training programs start in the last two years; and Dawhat Al Jazeera students have a good track record in university admission in the field they desire. All in all, the atmosphere in Dawhat Al Jazeera encourages success and achievement with a qualified, caring and dedicated staff that work on upholding the vision of Dawhat Al Jazeera, of a “Distinguished Education for a Competitive Generation for whom Nothing is Impossible” Head of Department Ula Al Amawi


Advanced Placement Platform

DAJIS is honored to be the center for AP/SAT exams. We prepare our students with all the core content and subjects needed for college and career success. Our High school curriculum is in accordance with the AP Courses as listed by the College Board.

Career Counseling

Early career planning is essential for developing a successful career path. We aim to provide our students with the right career guidance within and outside the Kingdom. Dawhat Al Jazeera School has 3 career counselors whose responsibility is to assist students, teachers, parents, and administrators to help students prepare for college. As the world battles the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, Dawhat Al Jazeera School made a commitment to provide excellent quality education, and has been working relentlessly to ensure that students have optimal access to their education.



DAJIS moved to its present site in 2001 and is spread over an area of more than 3000 square meters. The school offers all the facilities to create the right environment and ambiance for growing minds. Spacious classrooms with projectors, Science labs, Library, three IT labs, Auditorium, Art room, Cafeteria, a large Playground and School Clinic are all noticeable features of the school.

School Library

It forms an excellent supporting system for academic and co-curricular activities, with more than 1000 books in various fields. The books are suggested in a manner to enhance their reading skills and facilitate additional support to their learning abilities.

Art Room

Arts need space where students have room to spread their work, sit with ease and interact with the teacher easily. The Art room at DAJIS will take you into our student’s creative and artistic world.

IT Lab

Technology advancement has affected every sphere of life, especially education. In times of booming technology, the computer labs at Dawhat Al-Jazeera School provide the appropriate platform to the students from KG onwards till 9th Grade.

Science Labs

The school science laboratories are places where students gain hands on experience. The Physics, Chemistry, Biology labs for the senior students are well equipped with all the needed equipment for their curriculum practices.

Music Education

Music is…magical…that’s why DAJIS chose “Let’s Read & Write Music”. The primary goal of this “Music Curriculum” is to produce universal literacy since music is an international language.

School Clinic

The clinic room is reasonably equipped with essential medicines. A registered nurse is present in the clinic throughout the school hours to look after the medicinal needs of students.

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