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Principal's Welcome Note

Welcome to this new academic year 2022/2023 which is full of excitement and fun. As always, we strive to offer new transforming programs that are interesting and stimulating. We proudly announce the great results that our graduates achieved most of whom secured desired places in top local and international universities. This past year also witnessed a surge of our student numbers attempting the Mawheba scale which resulted in discovering our gifted student and almost doubling their numbers, and numbers of participants in local exhibitions, and international ones representing Saudi Arabia. Special thanks are due to supportive parents who give continuous feedback and cooperation. Also, special thanks are due to our body of dedicated staff who have gone over and beyond to instruct support and celebrate our students’ success and lead them on in their journey of discovering their strengths and overcoming their shortcomings.

  • Virtual Experience

    A successful virtual learning experience which we are still investing in as we continue to promote individuality, and independent learning even after ‘the return to school’.

  • Balanced Curriculum

    Our inspirational staff have kept a steady pace of delivering a balanced curriculum that equips students with skills they need to be successful in a rapidly changing world.

  • Our Success

    Our students have demonstrated resilience and maturity; they have grown to better understand the world around them and not take matters for granted.

This year will be full of organized activities and projects that will facilitate learning and strengthen ties. We look forward to this journey together with our students, parents, and staff.

Ula Shakeeb Al-Amawi



Our History


Founded in 1966

Founded in 1966, Dawhat Al-Jazeera School (DJS) made a very humble beginning with a limited number of students, staff and infrastructural facilities in a makeshift area.


Consistent Evolution

The objective of establishing the school was to impart quality education to the children of Saudi nationals residing in Jeddah. DJS has evolved considerably over the years.


Pride In Our Culture

At DJS there is a strong emphasis in teaching students to live in the Islamic faith. DJS is the place for students who are willing to accept the challenge of excellence, dedicated to becoming global citizens with pride in their culture and an appreciation for the cultures of the world.


Opened International Section In 2008

In 2008 Dawhat Al Jazeera International Schools opened its international section and became full CITA accredited.


Accredited By Advanced in 2013-2014

The School was first accredited by Advanced in 2013-2014. It provides a broad-based Pearson curriculum from KG- Grade12 with high moral values and total integrity with Islamic values.


Our Philosophy

Positive Character Development

Positively developing the character of the learners and empower them with values, knowledge and necessary life skills to be able to face the challenges of our time.

Quality Of Education

Moving towards a knowledge-base-society where quality of education is secured.

E-learning Integration

Developing our present educational system by integrating e-learning.

Quality Assurance

To exercise continuous self-assessment for quality assurance.

Success In Every Way

Promoting collective as well as individual success and encouraging students’ optimum performance in all aspects of life.

A Safe Environment

Providing a safe educational environment to attain our educational goals.

Discovering & Developing Talents

Nurturing gifted and talented students by providing programs, financial and human resources that discover and develop their talents.

Non-Stop Evolution

Professionally developing a teaching and administration entity able to reflect, self-assess and self-direct.


Our Mission

Our goals, as a school who cares about the present-day generations, are:

  • To provide a quality of education that meets international students.
  • To ensure DAIJS as a widely recognized Professional institution.
  • To ensure DAJIS applies the latest technology in education.
  • To instill Islamic values.
  • To exercise continuous self-assessment for quality assurance.
  • To maintain an attractive and motivating school environment.

A Distinguished Education for a Competitive Generation for whom nothing is Impossible


Our Core Values

Our Core Value describes how we work together as a whole (Teachers, Parents, & Students) to achieve our school’s vision while carrying out its mission. At DAJIS, we tremendously encourage:


Moral Responsibility






Your child deserves a school where they can learn, grow, & thrive.

The school has been accredited several times and has an excellent reputation. Teachers are qualified and experienced, they are always striving for new methods and techniques to engage the students while being supported and guided by skilled head teachers.

Ula Al Amawi

School Principal

It is hard to talk about a journey of achievements lasting over 50 years. Dawhat Al Jazeera Schools are considered the first established schools in Jeddah in 1386 H. corresponding to 1966 G.

Wafaa Ahmad Al Qadi

General Manager

For 28 years I have been running this school as a delegated director by the Ministry of Education, and I experienced it moment by moment and saw it hour by hour. I have witnessed how it improves at lightning speed to the highest positions and how it takes everything that is new and developed and excels at it.

Hanan Ahmad AbdulSalam

School Leader

One of the programs that we are proud of is the “reading challenge program”. The number of participating students exceeded 50, and each student read about 50 books. This is an achievement for raising a generation for whom nothing is impossible!

Hunada Mamdouh Al Khanji

Quality and training consultant

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